Episode 305: Fatih Terim Is A Dinosaur

October 13, 2016

Ata didn’t get to meet up with Jeremy when he was in DC.  With Jeremy now moving to Germany, Kaan Bayazit gets back in the pundit chair, and hijinks will ensue.

Turkey didn’t fare so well in World Cup qualifying last weekend.  The guys break down the matches with Ukraine and Iceland.  With many people in Turkish football media circles calling for Fatih Terim’s head, the guys discuss Terim’s shortcomings and even some choices for the next coach when Terim is eventually let go from the job. 

The Turkish Super League gets back into action with week seven, and the guys give this weekend’s schedule a rundown.  With continental action back in swing, the pundits also look at the upcoming fixtures. Finally this week, the issue of the lack of broadcasting with the TFF 1st division has been resolved, and the pundits discuss this development.


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