Episode 295: Where In The World Is Fabian Castillo?

August 5, 2016

It was a week of people leaving and transfer sagas.  At least one saga came to an end this week. 

The qualifiers for UEFA Champions League and Europa League are reviewed.  It looks like there won’t be two Turkish teams in the Champions League this year (again).  As for the Europa League qualifiers, that seemed to have worked out well for the Turkish sides.  News this week includes an update on Samuel Eto’o and the saga surrounding him and a potential move to Besiktas.

The Turkish Football Federation made news this week.  With the fallout from the attempt coup back in mid-July, it seems that the TFF decided to undertake a massive clean out.  The TFF announced that members of several committees quit their posts, and they suspended (or sacked depending on how one looks at it) 105 employees.  The guys debate whether this development is actually going to help out the game in Turkey, or if this is nothing more than BS.

Also, the Fabian Castillo transfer saga finally ended this past week.  The guys discuss his move to Trabzonspor and all the nuances surrounding the move.


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