Episode 282: Adana Kebabs For Everybody

April 29, 2016

It seems that some people in Trabzon have way too much fun or way too much time on their hands.  It also seems as though the title race could get interesting.  Plus, we dream of someone serving us Adana kebabs.  Mmmmmmmmm...

Week 30 results of the Turkish Super League are reviewed.  It was a pretty high scoring weekend for the league.  Konyaspor looks totally set for Europe for next season.  Galatasaray get a monkey off their back.  Besiktas stumbles against Akhisar Belediyespor (and with the crowd at their advantage no less).  Kayserispor is looking good to stick around.  Gaziantepspor are still slipping.  The standings and schedule for week 31 gets the rundown.

The fun in Trabzon gets debated and discussed.  Fenerbahce were awarded the forfeit victory.  The guys get into all the shenangans and potential fallout in terms of sanctions.  News this week concerns fallout from Trabzonspor in terms of suspending players, Galatasaray losing their shirt sponsor, and Gaziantepspor sacking manager Mutlu Topcu.  Some Besiktas fans on social media are questioning the timing of this sacking as Gaziantepspor is set to face Fenerbahce this weekend.  The guys debate the sacking, as they have a differing opinion as to why Topcu was let go.

An old feature from many years ago on the podcast is resurrected for this episode.  With the Super League title race now tight, the guys discuss the final four matches for the title contenders.  Both Besiktas and Fenerbahce’s schedules are discussed and the guy debate who has it tougher or easier.  

The overview of the PTT 1st division wraps up this week’s episode.  Adanaspor has officially clinched promotion to the top flight.  The race for the second promotional spot and the race for the promotional playoffs continue.  Another old feature of the podcast from long ago is resurrected, our “get to know” feature, as the guys describe Adanaspor.  Basically one of the pundits reads from Wikipedia. 


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