Episode 270: Straight Outta Amed

February 5, 2016

We were originally supposed to get this out earlier than this.  But with the main news and politics creeping into the football world, as it seems to do in Turkey, we had to fit some stuff in.

The Turkish Cup starts us off this week. The results from the round of sixteen are quickly reviewed.  Reason for that is due to the story of Amedspor advancing and the political implications surrounding their advancement to the next round. Particular debate is emphasized on Amedspor player Deniz Naki and his post on Facebook calling for peace in the southeast.

News this week concerns mostly financials.  One Besiktas defender gets sold off to China (after long being rumored to do so).  There seems to be the possibility of government intervention in the finances of Turkish football.  Considering the insane amount of debt just between the big four, that might be a possibility.

We got schedule rundowns this week.  The PTT 1st division is first up (and we’ve got a request for any of our listeners out there).  Then we got the results for week 11 of the Women’s league, and a rundown of week 12’s schedule.  Finally, we have a rundown of this week’s Super League schedule.

Although that was to end the podcast, the sanction for Naki came down on Thursday.  The Turkish Football Federation seemed to come down either too hard or not enough (depending on where one stands). 


Daghan Irak piece on Medium: https://medium.com/@daghanirak/football-under-siege-amedspor-vs-the-erdogan-regime-afcdaeae817e#.8kk1o0u8j

Ozgur Korkmaz’s piece in the HDN: http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/amedspor-wins-to-face-pressure-off-field.aspx?PageID=238&NID=94723&NewsCatID=497

John Blasing’s blog: https://thisisfootballislife.wordpress.com/



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