Episode 264: Ilhan Cavcav, the Turkish Grinch

December 24, 2015

We wanted to make sure that this episode was released before Christmas.  With Jeremy off on European escapades, Ata is joined by his (more than talkative) Belgian comrade Kaan Bayazit for this week.

Week 16 results of the Turkish Super League are reviewed.  There’s a bit of discussion on rough play, and one particular player’s response to rough play in his team’s game.  Also, Galatasaray got a crucial win and Kaan attempts to explain what he thinks is wrong with Bursaspor.  The week 17 schedule is then given the rundown, and what the pundits agree is the match of the week may catch some people off guard.

With this episode out earlier than usual, there is not much news discussion to be had.  The guys do get into a report about Ryan Donk being rumored to be headed Galatasaray’s way.  They also get into a lengthy discussion about Genclerbirligi and their woes.  (Keep in mind this was recorded before Genclerbirligi hired their new coach, which was announced as of the publication of this week’s episode.)  Bursaspor opened up their new stadium this past week, and the guys discuss that.

Finally, the ongoing look into the Turkish Women’s 1st Division continues with the reporting of the week seven results.  Since Kaan has no interest, Ata will have you caught up in that. 

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