Episode 351: Unlike Turkey, PSG Is Not Down With FFP

September 15, 2017

There’s two different pundits with the usual host this week.  So yeah, it’s going to be a bit weird.

Week 4 results are reviewed.  For the league review, Nadeem Raja of the Round Ball in Ankara blog joins the podcast.  Umut Bulut scores a wonder goal, and Kerim Frei did too.  We might have another revelation in Kayseri, and some revelations coming from Kasimpasa as well.  One of the pundits laments the participation of some teams in the Turkish league.  The week 5 schedule gets the rundown.

We delve in a little bit into the TFF first division.  Rizespor looks like they could be making a beeline to yo-yo back up to the Super League. After this discussion ends, Kaan Bayazit enters the fray as European results are get discussed.  The only thing we can say about this is… it was a square week (in that Turkey went 1-1-1 in Europe).

News this week deals with some deadline day deals.  We also have another coaching casualty.  Two interesting moves came from Trabzonspor.  Trabzonspor signed one player coming back to the country after previously citing terrorisms concerns to leave.  The other one returns to Trabzonspor, but let’s not talk about the time he completely broke down during a game.  Also, with the English Premier League now amending their transfer window for next summer to end right before the season starts, we talk whether Turkey should do the same.


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