Episode 306: Need Medication For My Fixture Congestion

October 21, 2016

Kaan Bayazit returns to the podcast again this week.  The usual back and forth ensues.

The league gets its usual review and preview this week.  The leaders seemed to have struggled (according to one pundit anyway).  The pundits then talk about Europe.  Besiktas won in the Champions League, although one of their goals should not have been countred according to some.  Fenerbahce had a night to forget in Manchester.  Konyaspor didn’t have much to show, while Osmanlispor might have been screwed by the referee with one player ejected harshly.  The guys also get into a debate about fixture congestion and what a team should prioritize.

(There might be some audio issues in the second segment.  Ata’s audio might come out a bit quiet.  We’re trying a new Skype recording program due to issues with previous recording software.  Also, Ata used a different microphone for the second segment.  Kaan turned out fine, although it may get loud at times.)


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