Episode 292: You Might As Well Head To MLS

July 15, 2016

We’ve got some football to talk about as we come back.  Some people though may want out of Turkey,whether of their own volition or otherwise. 

The first leg of the Europa League second qualifying roundbetween Osmanlispor and Zimbru is reviewed. There seems to be kinks worked out of Osmanlispor’s system, but theyseem to be looking good for the second leg.

News this week covers a few topics from the past week.  Fenerbahce has acquired a couple of playersfor defensive purposes.  Gokhan Tore isheading back to England.  Trabzonsporgets a shirt sponsor, and while money is money, where it’s coming from is a bitsuspect.  Also, some Turkish leaguereferees have been given a demotion for some reason or another.

Two players could possibly head out of Turkey, but fordiffering reasons.  Wesley Sneijder gotfined pretty heavily by Galatasaray, and the guys discuss whether this is aploy to perhaps force him (and his high salary) out of the club.  They also debate Jose Sosa and his desire toleave Besiktas due to the current security situation within Turkey.


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