Episode 316: May The Replay Force Be With Turkey

December 30, 2016

It’s the end of the year.  It’s been a pretty eventful year.  It couldn’t be a week in Turkish football though without some sort of controversy.

Week 16 results for the Turkish Super League are reviewed.  There were some weird calls from referees this past weekend.  Istanbul Basaksehir unexpectedly stumbled, but one of the weird referee calls may have cost them the three points.  There was also a very strange call in the Rizespor-Osmanlispor match.  The last match held at Huseyin Avni Aker stadium didn’t have the sendoff that Trabzonspor had in mind.  Antalyaspor and Genclerbirligi have had some great runs of form over the last few weeks, and the pundits talk about their recent wins and chances for European qualification.

There’s already some moves being made.  The pundits go over some moves currently made and also some rumored moves.  Galatasaray have made some releases, two of which really didn’t do much of anything, but one who still might have had something to give. 

The Turkish Cup gets a brief rundown.  The guys look into the recent results in the fourth matchday in the group stages.

The podcast concludes this week with a discussion in regards to the implementation of video replay in the Turkish leagues.  The guys seem to agree that it should be implemented, the real question is how to do it.


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Episode 315: Does Turkey Believe In Frosty The Snowman?

December 23, 2016

There were a couple of stumbles in the league.  It also looks like the transfer season is starting early.  Oh and Christmas is around the corner, and considering St. Nick’s house is located in Turkey, we might have some holiday cheer.

Week 15 results for the Turkish Super League are reviewed.  Kasimpasa pulled off an upset against Besiktas.  Galatasaray had to count on Semih Kaya against Osmanlispor in a very cold night in Ankara.  Istanbul Basaksehir continues their run.  Adanaspor won for the first time in what seems like forever.  The week 16 schedule, the last match weekend before the winter break, gets the rundown.

The Turkish Cup gets a brief rundown.  Trabzonspor gets a win via some of their youth players.  It would be overshadowed, however, by the death of Amedspor player Sehmus Ozer.  There seems to be wintry wonderlands in these matches as well.

The podcast wraps up with the news of week.  It looks like transfer season has started early.  Besiktas looks to be acquiring Ryan Babel, as he looks to return to Turkey.  One potential move that been reported is Genclerbirligi’s Irfan Can Kahveci heading to Istanbul Basaksehir.  The pundits discuss the pros and cons of the potential move.


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Episode 314: Political Minefields Ahead?

December 16, 2016

There were more than a few weird referee decisions this past week.  Also, Turkish teams will have to deal with political implications considering the recent Europa League draw.

Week 14 results for the Turkish Super League are reviewed.  Some controversial calls would highlight this weekend.  Besiktas got some penalty kick calls that people were discussing in their win against Bursaspor.  Mustafa Yumlu got Trabzonspor a dubious penalty kick against Adanaspor.  Moussa Sow scored from a bicycle kick, but this was called back.  Raul Rusescu got Osmanlispor a dubious penalty, but Bora Ozkok evened things out.  The same couldn’t be said for Akhisar Belediyespor against Osmanlispor though.  The week 15 schedule gets a rundown.  The upcoming schedule is highlighted by a clash between Galatasaray and Osmanlispor in Ankara.

There’s not much in terms of news this week.  There was one coaching vacancy filled though, as Ibrahim Uzulmez takes the job at Gaziantepspor.  The prospects of Gaziantepspor under Uzulmez’s tenure are debated.

With the Europa League draw happening this past week, the pundits debate the opponents.  It seems that there might be some political implications considering the countries that the Turkish clubs will have to play.  The pundits briefly discuss the results of the draw.

The episode wraps up this week with a brief overview of the second matchday of the Turkish Cup group stages.  There were some interesting results, but really nothing much to see.


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Episode 313: Is Craig Thomson The New Ivan Bebek?

December 9, 2016

Another derby came and went.  The major story comes from Europe, and perhaps Turkish referees have been given a reprieve.  Kaan is under the weather this week with the “man flu”, so in case there’s some coughing and stuff, you know why.

Week 13 results for the Turkish Super League are reviewed.  The Fenerbahce-Besiktas derby has come and gone, mostly without as much as a whimper.  The league leaders stumbled a bit against Antalyaspor, but Istanbul Basaskehir certainly benefitted from the derby result.  Galatasaray also benefitted from the derby result as well.  Riad Bajic got an ejection under very dubious circumtstances, but Konyaspor got the win over Alanyaspor anyway. 

After our discussion last week about coaches on the hot seat, some coaches did happen to get the boot this past week.  Adanaspor, Gaziantepspor, and Kayserispor are on the hunt for new coaches. 

Perhaps the most controversial European match yet involving a Turkish team happened in the Champions League this past week.  Besiktas’ loss in Kiev is discussed.  Also, there is a debate as to the reactions on social media regarding this match

The episode wraps up with a review of Europa League action, which at least provided some good news.  While Konyaspor suffered some last minute heartbreak, Osmanlispor and Fenerbahce advanced.  In fact both of those teams won their groups.


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Episode 312: A Barely Legal One

December 2, 2016

We like to get detailed here on the podcast, at least that’s been the case as of late.  Regardless, we hope that the listener will appreciate the discussion involving football (or soccer) from Turkey.

Week 12 results for the Turkish Super League are reviewed.  While many times referee mistakes are highlighted in games involving the major teams, the Alanayspor-Kayserispor match seemed to have some referee botches that went underneath a lot of radars (except ours of course).  Galatasaray gave their head coach some relief in terms of job security, but perhaps it was more down to Bursaspor disappointing.  Antalyaspor is on a hot streak now, as they pull away further from the drop zone.  The battle at the top between Besiktas and Istanbul Basaksehir resulted in everything being all square, and the match is discussed in detail.  It would also be horrible news for Leonard Kweuke this week, as his wife was involved in a car accident and she was pregnant with twins that died in the accident.  We send our condolences to him at this trying time.

The Turkish Cup group stages kicked off this past week.  We even dropped a Turkish Star Wars reference.  We take a look at some of the games that were played in the midweek.  Some teams decided to go with the primary team, others decided to try out reserves and youth players. 

With the season now over a third of the way done, there’s bound to be some coaches on the hot seat.  The pundits debate who might be on the hot seat.  Most of them are down in the bottom half of the table.

With European action coming up, the pundits preview the matches in UEFA competition.  Besiktas are in control of their destiny in the Champions League.  Both Osmanlispor and Fenerbahce are in the same situation as well in the Europa League.  Konyaspor will be saying farewell.

The episode concludes with our occasional look at the TFF First Division.  The standings are given a rundown.  Altinordu gets highlighted, as they have become a player factory so to speak.


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